take four:

…i read the happiness polls of Europe. they don’t even ask peephole in Basel.  they’re so happy the world should attack them for being such oblivious shit-heads.  they’re the ones who, qui bono, bobo, cause the world starvation, death, and destruction; of course they’re HAPPY! This is where the profits rain down.

When you own the assets of the world.

where do you think they get their bananas? Geneva? and their chocolate, coffee, tea, and papayas for digesting all that fine meat they eat. Bern?  ha. you cannot grow anything but nuts in Basel. And apples.

they get everything they want from the open veins of the poor peephole of the world.  in return for what?  what does swissorland have to sell?  but loans.  dirty money washes into debt packages for their helots ’round da equator.

wonder how they’d feel taking in about a 5 million Mexicans, Hondurans and Syrians, Iraqis, not to mention Africans of all stripes?!  i wonder.

I have had many jewish friends, from growing up in Chicago.

and they informed me being jewish is both a religion and an ethnicity.  only the latter is a permanently fixed non-choice.

Miami votes as jews vote, whatever that is.  other cities have their own characteristics. AND, btw, i’d say the Miami demographic is older, past retirement age, heavily weighted in that respect.  Mostly from NYC/Connecticut.

But never mind.

On a grander scale. Economics has become a maze of religions. Each choice of Operating Systems is by belief, and not so much factual. From communal to alpha dawg selfishness.  we do not live by religions that much anymore, as they have become political. and then the .GOVs of the world have become businesses.  Fully owned subsidiaries of corpo-religious economic fanatics.

can you dig it?

we may be asking american boys of 18 or so, to lay down their lives in order to save the hegemony of our money, which is owned by the Wall Street megalo/klepto-maniacs.  The parables fail us. the old testament was about sex and land. now it’s gone virtual and will ensnare only as we let it.

our old enemies we once called allies are now enemies again even tho’ we surround them with weaponry and they do nothing to us.

they cannot. Brazil tumbled to a coup augmented by the CIA, same for recent elections in Argentina. (i’m gong to try and find out how that worked, and if Diebold was there) and then Venezuela, the big fire in Alberta, how does the ground start burning?  C’mon. talk about man-made…it never before burned in the histroy of the planet Earth.

something very evil is surrounding all of us and religions can only fool a few fools.

the new god is money…the ancient measurement of assets that no one talks about.


i’m not coming this next one. but do not despair; i will be there to cajole and dismay the one after that!!!

i’ll be dealing with my friends on the comments list for the Sonali Kohatkar article on Saudi involvement in the 911 attack–is that esoteric enough for ya?

i should think….

here is my friend, the honky from iDunno, OK.? and his evil cabal of ignorance.  the evil cabal of ignorance same ones i had thankgiving dinner with last year.  ick.  not ICH, jehanah’s fave news site and comment HEAVEN…nearly gone now, since google oh never mind. and the owner editor says he might not have cancerafterall…

OMG.  this is so FUN!

and addicting sort of.  the fear. the tension.  you begin to believe that these guys have guns. not just saying they do.  but they do.  i was threatened with death by the Marine on TG day. that went unnoticed by the ladies in attendance. he was feeling his bod for the pistol.  what a kidder!  i’m kill you! he said.

is that a crime?  what the f.

And who counting?

the eleggua thing is another one.  he wants to email me.  he does. i put him on my list of gulageros…he wants off.  i tell him to block me and g’bye.  he writes a note with huge attachment of some malodorous segment of discontent.  i’m puking on my mac air.  oh stop it.

i go.  they will catch the original writer a retired CIA agent or a radio personality, or Truthout or ICH or Countercurrents,” run, by an Indian, who is used to stepping over the bodies.

did i tell you most of the world does not have sewers?

they normally see people pissing and shitting in a ditch or out back or whatevah…who cares?

i’l tell ya about my taxi ride with the Sewer Cleaner of Basel. next…

I’m pretty sure the new 15 per hour still sucks.

but i’ll do it.  it’s good. i’m happy.  i get SS.  and it sucks but i AM happy.  my tooth is ugly but i got my money back.  i’m happy. i need a new dentist to get the brown one repainted.  but i’m happy.  if it was in back i’d just leave it.

so i’d really be happy.  if the warriors win they’ll be happy.  and OkC will cry with their smelly earthquakes and their oil cash flow stopped up, even tho’ Alberta is burning.

so i’m happy.

and the fires will all go out in the north when winter comes and that MAKES ME HAPPY.


i could scream…

(but i won’t because i don’t want to scare anybody.)

i jist wanna live my life with bluebirds and rainbows all around and guinea hens for breakfast and some really good escargot for a gawd damn change…

and then i’d really be happy

i just wanna be…


and i think it’s really funny what makes some peephole happy.

not me!


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