why Trump?

i been thinkin’ ’bout what might be best for amerdrica in this coming election. for sure, but also for the long run.

i mean, long run being for future generations.  of course, nothing is going to happen on the longer more philosophical front in our lifetimes (unless you are in high school or younger.)
    But if the human species starts to think about it: recognizing that the only survivors in “da future” will be the rich and their servants, lackeys, and hit men…then we can begin to sort out who gets to live on the high ground.
    To get to this space, mentally, where people are talking and thinking about this distant far-removed time zone of never-never land, we’ll all need a great big kick in the ass.
    That’s why i like Bernie first and foremost.  but if the DCCC is so retro-grade and neolithic in their thinking as to think that money rules america and not impressions, well, Hill da Shill will win and WWIII will become a louder larger reality.  [After all, who could believe a mere Grrrrl could start a war. Even Joan of Arc was fighting for her idealistic version of God and “da meek.”
    You can forget about the latter with Hillary.
    ANd Bernie will be the kind of culture shock this planet really needs. i get that. Socialism means free universal single payer health care–the single payer being the taxes on the acquire assets of the very rich. And Bernie means love for all humanity, not just puppies. HE represents free public education and i hope the closer of elitist schools of class warfare propaganda like Harvard, Yale and Stanford…who haughty advisors are after all, the ones who have got us to here.  this hell on earth is their responsibility because they are the self-annointed “brightest and best.”
    What else could Bernie do as a socialist–operating under a rapid fascist congress filled up with Ripuglicant neanderthals–to make the world a better place.  Could he exchange the rather invasive ill-conceived income tax system for a grand assets tax for example, or institute the dismantling of all nuclear weapons, and/or nuclear energy?  could he abrogate all those horrible foreign trade treaties that kill Labor in this nation and create slave/serfdom in the squalid 3rd world workshops? Could he install new tariffs on those nations who disregard the health of the planet?  And expand the powers and expertise of the EPA and in general, move the political conversation to where the debates were only to be between his brand of “socialism” and say, a new revitalized Green Party?
    Hope so.
    But if not: then,

the dump.

I get the feeling that El Donaldo wants to be King. How this works is anybody’s guess.

but we can rest assured that the political scene will lose all of it’s “ne’re do well” boredom and indifference. can anyone imagine a greater lightnin’ rod? Into the darkness and turn on all the LIGHTS.  A president for once who just can’t keep his mouth shut?  souncd like an obscene form of transparency.

Trump will also expose the angry thoughtless nature of AMerica’s schizo psychology. The honky right wingers who still wan to keep their jobs vs. the blacks who want one.

That will mean some protection from Globalization: not for corporations who want zero tariffs but for labor, which will want more work and better benefits. this cause might just bind together too adversarial groups who share an interest in full employment. ANd better more certain social security.

As far as war is concerned. the environment. global warming. AND women’s rights to their own bodies…well, someone ought to ask those questions over and over again. does anyone really think Cruz would be the higher consciousness than Trump?

This choice is only if Hillary beats Bernie in the race for the Dumbercat nomination. If it’s Bernie vs. Trump sanity will out.

Hillary Clinton is pro war (MIC) pro Wall Street, pro DCCC (uber country), pro Corpopiggery status quo, and very very very…ambitious.

Et tu Brutus?




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