take four:

…i read the happiness polls of Europe. they don’t even ask peephole in Basel.  they’re so happy the world should attack them for being such oblivious shit-heads.  they’re the ones who, qui bono, bobo, cause the world starvation, death, and destruction; of course they’re HAPPY! This is where the profits rain down.

When you own the assets of the world.

where do you think they get their bananas? Geneva? and their chocolate, coffee, tea, and papayas for digesting all that fine meat they eat. Bern?  ha. you cannot grow anything but nuts in Basel. And apples.

they get everything they want from the open veins of the poor peephole of the world.  in return for what?  what does swissorland have to sell?  but loans.  dirty money washes into debt packages for their helots ’round da equator.

wonder how they’d feel taking in about a 5 million Mexicans, Hondurans and Syrians, Iraqis, not to mention Africans of all stripes?!  i wonder.

I have had many jewish friends, from growing up in Chicago.

and they informed me being jewish is both a religion and an ethnicity.  only the latter is a permanently fixed non-choice.

Miami votes as jews vote, whatever that is.  other cities have their own characteristics. AND, btw, i’d say the Miami demographic is older, past retirement age, heavily weighted in that respect.  Mostly from NYC/Connecticut.

But never mind.

On a grander scale. Economics has become a maze of religions. Each choice of Operating Systems is by belief, and not so much factual. From communal to alpha dawg selfishness.  we do not live by religions that much anymore, as they have become political. and then the .GOVs of the world have become businesses.  Fully owned subsidiaries of corpo-religious economic fanatics.

can you dig it?

we may be asking american boys of 18 or so, to lay down their lives in order to save the hegemony of our money, which is owned by the Wall Street megalo/klepto-maniacs.  The parables fail us. the old testament was about sex and land. now it’s gone virtual and will ensnare only as we let it.

our old enemies we once called allies are now enemies again even tho’ we surround them with weaponry and they do nothing to us.

they cannot. Brazil tumbled to a coup augmented by the CIA, same for recent elections in Argentina. (i’m gong to try and find out how that worked, and if Diebold was there) and then Venezuela, the big fire in Alberta, how does the ground start burning?  C’mon. talk about man-made…it never before burned in the histroy of the planet Earth.

something very evil is surrounding all of us and religions can only fool a few fools.

the new god is money…the ancient measurement of assets that no one talks about.


i’m not coming this next one. but do not despair; i will be there to cajole and dismay the one after that!!!

i’ll be dealing with my friends on the comments list for the Sonali Kohatkar article on Saudi involvement in the 911 attack–is that esoteric enough for ya?

i should think….

here is my friend, the honky from iDunno, OK.? and his evil cabal of ignorance.  the evil cabal of ignorance same ones i had thankgiving dinner with last year.  ick.  not ICH, jehanah’s fave news site and comment HEAVEN…nearly gone now, since google oh never mind. and the owner editor says he might not have cancerafterall…

OMG.  this is so FUN!

and addicting sort of.  the fear. the tension.  you begin to believe that these guys have guns. not just saying they do.  but they do.  i was threatened with death by the Marine on TG day. that went unnoticed by the ladies in attendance. he was feeling his bod for the pistol.  what a kidder!  i’m kill you! he said.

is that a crime?  what the f.

And who counting?

the eleggua thing is another one.  he wants to email me.  he does. i put him on my list of gulageros…he wants off.  i tell him to block me and g’bye.  he writes a note with huge attachment of some malodorous segment of discontent.  i’m puking on my mac air.  oh stop it.

i go.  they will catch the original writer a retired CIA agent or a radio personality, or Truthout or ICH or Countercurrents,” run, by an Indian, who is used to stepping over the bodies.

did i tell you most of the world does not have sewers?

they normally see people pissing and shitting in a ditch or out back or whatevah…who cares?

i’l tell ya about my taxi ride with the Sewer Cleaner of Basel. next…

I’m pretty sure the new 15 per hour still sucks.

but i’ll do it.  it’s good. i’m happy.  i get SS.  and it sucks but i AM happy.  my tooth is ugly but i got my money back.  i’m happy. i need a new dentist to get the brown one repainted.  but i’m happy.  if it was in back i’d just leave it.

so i’d really be happy.  if the warriors win they’ll be happy.  and OkC will cry with their smelly earthquakes and their oil cash flow stopped up, even tho’ Alberta is burning.

so i’m happy.

and the fires will all go out in the north when winter comes and that MAKES ME HAPPY.


i could scream…

(but i won’t because i don’t want to scare anybody.)

i jist wanna live my life with bluebirds and rainbows all around and guinea hens for breakfast and some really good escargot for a gawd damn change…

and then i’d really be happy

i just wanna be…


and i think it’s really funny what makes some peephole happy.

not me!

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why Trump?

i been thinkin’ ’bout what might be best for amerdrica in this coming election. for sure, but also for the long run.

i mean, long run being for future generations.  of course, nothing is going to happen on the longer more philosophical front in our lifetimes (unless you are in high school or younger.)
    But if the human species starts to think about it: recognizing that the only survivors in “da future” will be the rich and their servants, lackeys, and hit men…then we can begin to sort out who gets to live on the high ground.
    To get to this space, mentally, where people are talking and thinking about this distant far-removed time zone of never-never land, we’ll all need a great big kick in the ass.
    That’s why i like Bernie first and foremost.  but if the DCCC is so retro-grade and neolithic in their thinking as to think that money rules america and not impressions, well, Hill da Shill will win and WWIII will become a louder larger reality.  [After all, who could believe a mere Grrrrl could start a war. Even Joan of Arc was fighting for her idealistic version of God and “da meek.”
    You can forget about the latter with Hillary.
    ANd Bernie will be the kind of culture shock this planet really needs. i get that. Socialism means free universal single payer health care–the single payer being the taxes on the acquire assets of the very rich. And Bernie means love for all humanity, not just puppies. HE represents free public education and i hope the closer of elitist schools of class warfare propaganda like Harvard, Yale and Stanford…who haughty advisors are after all, the ones who have got us to here.  this hell on earth is their responsibility because they are the self-annointed “brightest and best.”
    What else could Bernie do as a socialist–operating under a rapid fascist congress filled up with Ripuglicant neanderthals–to make the world a better place.  Could he exchange the rather invasive ill-conceived income tax system for a grand assets tax for example, or institute the dismantling of all nuclear weapons, and/or nuclear energy?  could he abrogate all those horrible foreign trade treaties that kill Labor in this nation and create slave/serfdom in the squalid 3rd world workshops? Could he install new tariffs on those nations who disregard the health of the planet?  And expand the powers and expertise of the EPA and in general, move the political conversation to where the debates were only to be between his brand of “socialism” and say, a new revitalized Green Party?
    Hope so.
    But if not: then,

the dump.

I get the feeling that El Donaldo wants to be King. How this works is anybody’s guess.

but we can rest assured that the political scene will lose all of it’s “ne’re do well” boredom and indifference. can anyone imagine a greater lightnin’ rod? Into the darkness and turn on all the LIGHTS.  A president for once who just can’t keep his mouth shut?  souncd like an obscene form of transparency.

Trump will also expose the angry thoughtless nature of AMerica’s schizo psychology. The honky right wingers who still wan to keep their jobs vs. the blacks who want one.

That will mean some protection from Globalization: not for corporations who want zero tariffs but for labor, which will want more work and better benefits. this cause might just bind together too adversarial groups who share an interest in full employment. ANd better more certain social security.

As far as war is concerned. the environment. global warming. AND women’s rights to their own bodies…well, someone ought to ask those questions over and over again. does anyone really think Cruz would be the higher consciousness than Trump?

This choice is only if Hillary beats Bernie in the race for the Dumbercat nomination. If it’s Bernie vs. Trump sanity will out.

Hillary Clinton is pro war (MIC) pro Wall Street, pro DCCC (uber country), pro Corpopiggery status quo, and very very very…ambitious.

Et tu Brutus?



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leadership is not loud

rich is a shining jewel in the pile of bricks 

that is the american age of images.
she is another missing brick in that wall.
rich made men cry for what they thought.
she only wanted honesty.  you
for a mountain of minds 
riding upon her shoulder
she offered.
by defying. 
Be nice to Adrienne:
turn off your
sever the connections
you cannot touch:
Carry water to the river.
Adrienne Rich was not about instant gratification.
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this is the war….

This is the war… © by jimmy.mankind@gmail.com 02/10

This is the War for the minds of Americans:

the war between style and substance,

the war between entertainment and ideas,

This is the war between vapid and meaningful,

between shallow and deep,

between sensation and sense,

This is the war by frivolity and its offspring, depravation, against the future.

How do we elevate the conversation? From Keisha to Keynes. From A-Rod to Atomic Energy. From Con-yeah the Wicked Witch of the West and Beyond-say-ing to marley and dylan and woody and eve ensler and vagina freedoms that liberate grrrls from oppression and all of us from all of them, the Other, and our own self-imposed limitations and fears….

We elevate by our emphasis on the message and not the messenger; not so much the modus operan-dumb, but the meaning behind it.

Can a stripper make a social comment, through her art, on the oppression of women and grrrls?  Sure.

Can a rich man’s scion, or a trust-fund baby, bear witness to the perils of the homeless?

No way!

Sorry, Bill, you cannot feel their pain. You can only use it…to their advantage, or to yours.

More women die in childbirth in Afghanistan than in any other nation. Is that why we’re there?

It’s the worst place to be born in the whole world, according to WHO. Is that why we’re there?

Can we impose democracy and women’s rights at the point of a gun? Malalai Joya says not.

[She says a people have to earn their own freedom. Is this now the time for us?]

Or is it possible we misuse the arts to assuage–and to numb even more–the dull consciousness of the myriad and passive de facto supporters of brain-deafening fascism, who breed the forms of ennui and irresolution within the minds of the people, even in this educated culture in which we live? Oh Yes it is!

We can. We do.

Can we, in other words, sing and dance for the Passive Nazis? Yes we do. And we can help them sell anything! Any crappy product can employ a Beatles’ song now (“Revolution” goes to Nike, the Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” goes to Nissan Maxima. “Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.” Huh.

Gil Scott-Heron’s “revolution” was televised as musical trivia for Great America’s ad campaign.

And Human THOUGHT gradually loses market share and is soon to be dis-continued so everyone could go into cocoons of sex and drinking–like the drunken frat rat in the taxi, who drunkenly slurring his words, tells me he “doesn’t do drugs.”

Could artists become part and partial of the Great Opiate of the Masses? Oh Yeah, if only we can get ourselves on TV… and to our place at the table of the splendid redone of the undone and the done did we done, but don’t know any more how to do.

Where is the heart (empathy), the truth (soul), and ultimately the brain (consciousness) we were born with? We entertain Dorothy’s friends, so as to keep them continuously defective: cowardly like the Lion, naively vague like the Scarecrow, and dehumanized and hopelessly without heart like the Tiger Woodsman.

We can see this emptiness pervading our culture in the fumes that we breathe and the freaky ways that we dance. So why would a poet/artist try to compete with the media (TV) to propagate (or propagandize) more of the banal? And without the gloss of hi-tech professionalism to boot?

From humble sources come eternal verities: and thus courage, brain, spirit.

Not vapidity and titillation.

So poetry–the voice of the new born–is necessarily truth and must be truth.

Remember what the young woman artist said, her foot out the door, “Being an artist means NEVER giving them what they want.”

Music is beautiful. I love rock and roll, the Blues, jazz, Americana. But when music buries the words that carry ideas, it replaces message with massage, and it spawns the pointlessness of a destructive and mind-numbing entertainment. We can rock numbly in our tepid pools of entitlement, self-absorbed clear to the end.

[Blues men repeat their phrases. As Muddy said, “Because we want them to hear the words.”]

Music is a kind of Art and message. Art is not the messenger. Art is itself. Art weighs in from its Source in the Cosmos of our minds…carried in on the wings of the Muse. Poets conduct art like a wire brings light–we aren’t Art. We are Artists. We work the souls youcan find when you are laughing and crying at the same time or when you love or when you hold the future in your arms and it smiles total trust in your dissembling face.]

I don’t suppose I have to reiterate the generic fears of our Time: the wars raging on women, 40% of the human race in a poverty so hungry and so abject they have yet to make a phone call, the coming of deathly climate change, species die-off, financial chicanery (the legalization of theft), the failure of the current Economic Mythology in the face of looming Evolutionary Changes…and much more as evidenced by record rates of youthful suicides and mass murder (genocidal rape as a tool of war! You CANNOT rpe our Mama! For your gold and diamonds and cadmium and chrome!) The ollution of the planet’s riparian systems (including trees, prairies, soils), and the Oceans…air and water and soil is all we really got to ruin to complete our demise.

We either decide to work with and within the brilliant parameters laid down by Nature for millions of years for our happiness…she did it…is that not enough? Or we die off a squabbling self-hating rabble of uselessness and go to our own most imagined Hell on Earth.

Or we could bring our better myth, Heaven, on down here where we could use it.

Heck yes! A child could lead us! But not the capitalists With their Dead Zone Glory Holes for the Emperors of Squalor to stick it in.

[That’s why they kill the mess-end-ers. We care too much.]

They claim logic but use a myopic selfishness–a nasty brand of self-righteous narcissism to acquire the loot they feed on. And if it tastes like blood all the better: their world-view is writ in blood and war.

But with a poet’s claim to Logic and Accountability: I leave you with two salient points.

#1. We know it won’t go away by itself. Those who profit from this plateau of human existence will tend to want to extend its glitzy, banal style, its malevolent accretion. We see that. We see America as an evil imposition, a juggernaut rising from its own poisoned wells covered with screaming fleas.

Those who simply intend to exist here, as if placed by a cruel invisible hand, will continue to die meek and sordid deaths. Piled in heaps in ditches at the side of our juggernaut’s flaming road. But those who have eyes to see and ears open to truth shall effect change for we are the stewards of this great gift we live on and in. Mother Earth is Gaia’s Mother and Gaia is ours.

We can see the daily degradations of her bounty. We are the witnesses to the gradual destruction. We know.

Our message is not a massage.

#2. No one leaves here alive. We might as well wake up to that fact now; and act for our children and their children and their children’s children, for, one way or another, we shall all be brain dead soon enough. That knowledge–called consciousness, that our birth is a death sentence. That we cannot keep on keeping on, no matter how hard we cling, should free us to step up, step outside our timid selves, to speak truth honestly and without any fear or devious selfish intent…and at all costs MAKE OURSELVES HEARD!

Peace, love, power to the people.

© 05-10



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Hello world!

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